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Cutting Edge Cybersecurity For Future Web Applications

All-in-one quantum-resistant cryptography, authentication, P2P, file-sharing, and patent-pending messaging SDK

With advanced multi-layered cryptography and ratcheting
Who are we

SDK built using 100% safe rust for maximum security and performance

Powered using the Tokio asynchronous runtime

Extreme Security

Post-quantum key exchange, multi-layered ratcheting, per-message adjustable multi-layered cryptography, and many other adjustable options


Includes built-in NAT traversal for enabling the use of peer to peer applications

File Transfer Scrambling

All files transferred between client/server or peer-to-peer are scrambled with an independent key for higher security

Perfect Forward Secrecy + Best Effort Mode

Each session can be configured to enforce perfect forward secrecy for maximum security, or, best-effort mode for maximum throughput

Hybrid Cryptography

Each session by default uses TLS or QUIC as a base layer coupled with the post-quantum Lusna Protocol for quantum resistance

Argon2id Password Hashing

A built-in parameter autotuner and authenticator allows creating secure authenticated sessions seemlessly

Passwordless Authentication

Configure sessions to use passwordless authentication for connections

Credentialed Authentication

Configure sessions to use credentials for added security

SDK in Action

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Citadel SDK

Use the Citadel SDK to rapidly create decentralized or traditional client/server network applications using the latest advancements in network security

Client Code (Authenticated User)


The Citadel SDK uses the rust programming language to leverage speed and efficiency.

The file-transfer API makes use of asynchronous multithreading to boast speeds up to 50% faster than SCP

Single/Multi-Threaded Modes

Easily change between single and multi-threaded protocol event loops at compile-time to fine-tune to the requirements of your application

Scalable Backends

Configure your application to use a MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or Redis backends to scale your application across a network

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